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About the Videos



Our approach to developing the videos 

A team of parent representatives, researchers and healthcare professionals from the hospital and community have been involved in creating these videos. 

Earlier in the project we did a survey with 150 families to understand their experiences of training and what types of videos would be most helpful. You may have taken part in this. 

Key things we learnt from the survey: 

  • Families wanted both healthcare professionals and parents to feature and that they wanted some videos to be filmed at home and to show "real life".
  • Families wanted help with managing common problems.
  • Families valued advice and tips from more experienced families.

The videos have been created with all this in mind and are primarily aimed at parents. However they may also be valuable for staff training. 

A note on consistency of advice from different healthcare professionals

Based on feedback from our team, we believe the information in the videos is consistent with safe and good practice in our region (Oxfordshire & The Thames Valley). We are aware there are minor differences in guidelines across the country, with parents often receiving slightly different information and advice from different professionals. What is seen as 'best practice' changes over time and varies between different organisations and different professionals. The videos show a "safe" way of doing procedures, but we have tried to flag in the videos that parents may be told to do things in a slightly different way by the professionals that support them.