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The Potential & Pitfalls of Creating and Running Simulation Scenarios

Course information

This course is for both facilitators and technicians who wish to develop their understanding of how simulation scenarios are designed and delivered. We will look at how simulation software can be used to create an effective training session. We cover some of the pitfalls that can exist and attendees will get the chance to design, program and deliver a simulated scenario. This course is ideal for facilitators who wish to gain a greater understanding of how to develop a simulation training session and for technicians who will be running scenarios in their own centre. This course is delivered by our experienced faculty who have several years of developing and running a wide variety of simulation training scenarios. This experience is invaluable for assuring that your training sessions run as smoothly and professionally as possible.

The course will include:

  • skills in developing simulation scenarios
  • information about the effective use of simulation scenarios as a tool
  • an overview on how to use information from the simulation scenarios to inform feedback sessions


“Very enjoyable”

“Well prepared”

“Appreciation of the different roles and how you can assist in making teaching role easier”

“Great insight in to simulation lab potential”

Booking a place

If you are interested in booking a place on this course please contact our administrator, Wendy Washbourn: