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Training to care for your child’s gastrostomy


You will be trained to care for your child’s gastrostomy by the surgical team in hospital and by the Community Nursing Team who will support you at home. The nurses will demonstrate how to do procedures on your child, and supervise you while you practice.


You might also get the opportunity to practice with some equipment. Parents tell us they like to get some hands on practice before trying things out on their child:

 “The box has been extremely helpful. It’s a great idea and it’s so much easier to become familiar with things knowing there’s no risk of hurting your child while practicing on them.”

Written information on how to care for your child’s gastrostomy button or PEG is available through this link. We recommend you read this information before your child’s surgery, and come back to it whenever you are unsure about something.

We have created a library of videos to help you. The videos cover routine care of a gastrostomy, common problems, advice and tips from other families and information about the surgery. You should watch some of the videos before your child’s surgery. They will also be a helpful resource for you after the surgery, as you learn to become an expert in caring for your child’s gastrostomy.