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Course information

MEPA is a national paediatric simulation course that will help anaesthetic trainees develop a management strategy when faced with emergency situations in paediatric anaesthesia. The course will provide an introduction to crisis resource management in paediatric anaesthesia and translate the knowledge into practice through simulation scenarios.

The course discusses the current practice in paediatric anaesthesia and through participation in the simulation clinical scenarios will challenge both technical and clinical management. Each scenario is followed by a debriefing session reflecting on the team’s performance in the scenario.

There is no formal assessment on the course. Certification of course completion can be used to demonstrate to educational supervisors that the candidate has practised the management strategies for paediatric emergencies.


"Very, very good day. Incredibly informative and helpful. Duration and format very good for concentrating ability. I would highly recommend"
"Lessons learned in the scenarios can be applied in my day-to-day work"
"Very relaxed and non-threatening. Very constructive feedback. Useful"
"The day was well organised. Attending the session was a valuable use of my time"
"The scenarios were realistic and appropriately challenging"

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