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Differences in practice and evaluation of videos


  • There are small differences in practice across the country for caring for a child’s gastrostomy, and you may be given slightly difference advice from different healthcare professionals. What is seen as 'best practice' changes over time and varies slightly between different organisations and different professionals. 
  • The videos show a "safe" way of doing things. The videos have been watched and evaluated by lots of different healthcare professionals and families from across the country. If you are unsure about anything, please contact your child’s Community Children’s Nurse (CCN) or specialist surgical nurse for further advice and guidance. 
  • Facebook support groups such as ‘Tube Feeding Your Child in the UK’ can be helpful for getting further advice and tips from other families. Please be aware that not all the information shared on these groups is consistent with best practice. If you are unsure, please contact your CCN or specialist nurse. 
  • For more information about differences in practice and the evaluation of the videos please watch the short video below: