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Facilitation and Feedback

Course information

This is a one day course to develop and improve the process by which facilitators and educators design their teaching sessions and how they give feedback. On this course we will cover recent developments in the understanding of how adults learn and how we can develop training sessions that maximise the opportunity for candidate improvement. We will also look at the process by which facilitators can give effective and constructive feedback that is sensitive to the needs of the candidates. We offer attendees the opportunity to practice these skills throughout the day and we focus on how to deliver feedback in challenging situations. The course is delivered by members of the OxSTaR faculty who draw on many years of adult education and, in particular, working in a simulation training environment.

The course includes:

  • input on good practice in course design
  • theoretical frameworks for considering both facilitator and learning styles
  • input on, and the opportunity to, practise, both giving and receiving feedback directly and facilitating others in doing so
  • effective techniques for dealing with difficult behaviour


“Very good use of all participants”          

“Awesome course”


“Very thought provoking”

“Role playing gave valuable insight of a trainer and student”

“Good to mix & match roles”

“One of the few opportunities to ‘learn to teach’”

“If only these concepts would be rolled out to all trainees/consultants”

“Very inclusive”

Booking a place 

If you are interested in booking a place on this course please contact our administrator, Wendy Washbourn: