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OxSTaR Research Mission Statement

The OxSTaR research programme aims to improve the safety and quality of care provided in high risk clinical settings. We are a group of researchers from diverse backgrounds including anaesthetics, intensive care medicine, psychology, ergonomics and education. Though largely based in the John Radcliffe hospital we are also integrated into the broader research community in Oxford with many links to other departments.

Our work is mainly in surgery and intensive care with a focus on healthcare systems research and the use of technology to support learning in multidisciplinary teams. We are also studying the benefits and risks of care provided in the home, where patients and families are providing increasingly complex clinical tasks. The main themes of our research are:

  • The use of simulation to improve decision making and team skills in both routine care and crisis management
  • The measurement and assessment of team skills (often known as non-technical skills)
  • The development of cognitive aids (such as checklists) to support safe care under pressure
  • Improving the well-being of clinical staff and preventing burnout
  • Developing training and support for families caring for children with complex needs
  • Developing strategies for leaders to manage risks in health systems under pressure