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Watch the Videos

We have created a series of 21 videos which cover a range of topics including routine care of a gastrostomy button, managing common problems and advice and tips from families.

Some of these videos will be helpful to watch when you are referred to the surgical feeding team for a gastrostomy (e.g. introductory videos). Some of the videos will be most helpful around the time of surgery (e.g. routine care of a gastrostomy), and some might be most helpful to you once you’ve been caring for your child at home for a few months or longer (e.g. changing a button, blended diet).

There are also some links to videos made by other organisations which you might find helpful.

All the videos can be played in sequence using the following link:

Gastrostomy care playlist


Introductory videos


Advice and tips from families


About the surgery & different devices


Routine care




Changing a button




Other videos you might find helpful:

   1. Giving medications to your child (Video produced by Medicines for Children)


   2. At the John Radcliffe hospital we are using training videos produced by the company Abbott Nutrition for helping families learn to use a feeding pump. The videos are available here:

Your child’s dietician will send you these videos. Please note that not all children have this particular feeding pump, and this varies across the country.


   3. A couple of videos were created in Scotland on gastrostomy care by the charity WWCIH that you find helpful:

My child is getting a gastrostomy feeding tube

How do I look after my child's gastrostomy feeding tube?


4. There are a few videos here for managing common problems with PEG tubes:

Y end on your Corflo PEG tube has broken

Change of Freka PEG end

Blocked tube


   5. Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust have a series of videos on YouTube on caring for a gastrostomy. The videos show a balloon-retained tube, rather than a gastrostomy button like in the videos above.

Balloon-retained tube video