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Introductory videos

1. About this series of videos

2. Why some children need gastrostomies

3. What a gastrostomy is

Advice & tips from families

4. Top tips and advice from a new to gastronomy care

5. Top tips and advice from an experienced parent

Routine care

6. Connecting extension tube to button

7. Administering a bolus of water

8. Changing the water in balloon of gastrostomy

9. How to care for the stoma site

10. Venting


11. Leakage and sore sites

12. Grannulation tissue

13. What to do if the button comes out

About the surgery and different devices

14. How a gastronomy button works

15. About surgery for a gastronomy button

16. Is a PEG the same as a button?

Changing a button

17. Preparing to change a button

18. Changing a button

Blended diet

19. Introductory video on blended diets