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Location: Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Date: Friday 21st June 2024

Time: 08:30-17:00. The day maybe shorter if attendee numbers are low.

This is a day aimed at trainees in O&G returning to work after a period of absence, but is also open to anaesthetists, GP VTS and foundation doctors who are returning into an O&G placement. It is a predominantly hands on session with some interactive lectures, practical stations and simulation sessions covering obstetric emergencies, common labour ward procedures and gynaecology laparoscopic simulation. This is an opportunity to refresh your technical & non-technical skills and knowledge.

The skills stations and simulation sessions will cover instrumental delivery, shoulder dystocia, PPH and severe PET. We will try to tailor these to the group attending as much as possible.

There is no assessment component and all teaching will be delivered in a friendly supportive environment with no judgement. There will be an opportunity to address your specific concerns/worries. For more information about the course please email

Whilst the RTT courses are running face to face, there maybe an option to attend virtually. 

Please enquire about our free crèche facility we can also offer a reimbursement up to £50 for a day of care in the child’s usual setting (on a day they wouldn’t normally attend).