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First Place Poster

Improving Discharge Summaries: A 3 cycle Quality Improvement Project 

Dr Violeta Yammine, Dr Zarat Queen, Dr Sasha Saba, Dr Malitha Samarage, Dr Amar Gandhi, Dr Sarah McKelvie, Dr Amy Dawson,Dr Rachel Crane, Dr Sarah Millette, Dr Sunil Manohar, Dr Rachael Ayers, Dr Lauren Richardson, Dr Alex Bunn.

Second Place Poster 

Introducing Trust-wide Dermatology Medicines Information Leaflets (MILs): Prescribing Guidelines
Dr Jaclyn Tan, Dr Helena Wace, Letty Yeung, Dr Rubeta Matin


Certificate of Commendation

Improving timeliness of angiography and anti-VEGF injection administration in patients with wet active AMD

Dr Ruqaiyah Behranwala, Rhea Suribhatla, Miss Theodora Gkika, Professor Susan Downes