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A fresh approach to helping new doctors get started being on-call.

For the second year running OxSTaR put on the very popular Simulated On-Call day for the new Foundation Year doctors. This course is designed to give the doctors some of the most important information and experience to help them get started being on-call at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

During the day the doctors were given a talk about the most essential things to know about being on-call at the JR and were also given the opportunity to practice being involved in some of the situations new doctors can find themselves in during their first few months at the hospital, this included a multi patient scenario.

Other aspects covered on the course were vital communication skills, who to call and when to call for help, prioritising treatment and the ABCDE tool for patient assessment.

Some of the feedback included:

"Very useful course. Felt much more prepared (and calm!!) about assessing acutely unwell patients."

"The teachers were friendly and excellent teachers and feedback they offered was constructive."

"Liked meeting such friendly consultants and senior nurses as this helped to calm my fears of asking for help and made me feel not so silly to ask for help."

"Thank you ! It was really good to be put under the stressful conditions in a safe environment - and also reassuring that other F1s would handle the situations the same way I would."

"It was an excellent opportunity to simultaneously manage 2 patients and learn how to prioritise."