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In July the OXSTaR Team hosted the Wellcome Centre Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN) team and a group of Year 12 students for a simulation and moulage session.

The Neuroscience Experience Programme is a yearly five-day programme of activities for Year 12 students attending schools in Oxfordshire who are interested in brain research and are planning to go to university. The programme gives students the chance to learn from practising scientists and includes a range of hands-on activities and lectures across the Clinical Neurosciences, Experimental Psychology, and Psychiatry departments at the University of Oxford.

Your session was widely praised by the students, including:

• "The simulation felt like a great look into life as a doctor which I found very helpful.”

• “I enjoyed the simulation room as that was representative of a real life scenario and as a result was helpful in seeing what may go on in the trauma unit on a daily basis.”

• "I really liked the simulation, as it is closely related to what I want to do in the future, and it gave me an insight.” • "The simulation room was really exciting and engaging”

• “I really enjoyed the simulation and experiencing some of the responsibilities of being a doctor.”

• Multiple students answered the question “what do you think you have learned from the week” with answers that referenced the epipen and simulator sessions,

• 7 of the 24 students listed OxSTaR as their favourite session of the entire week.

The OxSTaR Team look forward to welcoming the students again in 2024