Multidisciplinary Team Training in the Paediatric Emergency Department

Oxstar helps with in situ training in the emergency department

OxSTaR recently was involved in assisting with in-situ training in Paediatric Emergency Department. In-situ training allows teams to train in their own workplace using their own equipment and  with colleagues who they work with on a daily basis. They can develop interdisciplinary teamwork skills, test the efficacy of the ergonomics of their environment and safely practice life threatening situations in real-time scenarios.

For the scenario we used George, our Gaumard one year old manikin.  George is a high fidelity wireless manikin, which allows him to be moved from location to location.  This ability is ideal for complex transfer scenarios requiring interaction between members of the teams.

The recording of scenarios for use during the debriefing process is commonplace in the OxSTaR simulation centre.  However thanks to a new mobile debreifing solution from B-Line Medical we are now able to offer this for in-situ simulation.