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What topics should the QIPs focus on?

At the heart of all these projects should lie an aspiration to change a process or resolve a problem in a clinical area which will be of benefit to patients. You will be given specific direction on the current priorities at your QiP induction talk. The key areas of concern listed below:

OUH strategy document

Download the 2019-2020 Themes and Projects table here

The above listed topics are deliberately broad-based and you may have other ideas for projects but these subjects are pertinent issues within the Trust.

OUH Quality Priorities

In addition, the OUH defines their own quality priorities:

Patient Safety

  • Reducing Never Events - particularly around safe surgery and procedures
  • Launching the new version of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS2)
  • Patient Safety Response Teams
  • Reducing stillbirth

Clinical effectiveness

  • Sepsis care – antibiotics within one hour
  • Reducing the number of 'stranded' patients
  • Digital - rollout of the SurgiNet module in Cerner Millennium

Patient experience

  • Patient Portal to support better interaction with hospital services
  • Care of patients with mental health issues
  • Home Assessment Reablement Team (HART) services