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Document Type Source
Adult Critical Care Transfer Service slides (November 2020) PowerPoint South Central Ambulance service
Airway pressure release ventilation paper (January 2020) PDF Nottingham University Hospital
Combined Emergency Action Card v1 (December 2020) PDF South Central Ambulance service
National ACC transfer model v4 (August 2020) PDF NHS
National transfer model toolkit v1.3 (August 2020) Word NHS
Transfer form (August 2019) PDF Thames Valley & Wessex
ACCT transfer request form (January 2021) Excel South Central Ambulance service
Thames Valley & Wessex Rescue Transfer manual (January 2020) PDF South Central Ambulance service

Transfer bag

Document Type Source
Transfer bag contents list (April 2020) PDF OUH
Transfer bag picture guide (January 2021) PDF OUH

Hamilton T1 ventilator

Document Type Source
The Hamilton Ventilator for Transfer (January 2021) YouTube Ian Rechner
Hamilton T1/C1/MR1 Setup and preop check (April 2017) YouTube Hamilton medical
HamiltonT1/C1/MR1 Basic ventilator settings (September 2018) YouTube Hamilton medical
Hamilton T1/C1/MR1 User interface (September 2018) YouTube Hamilton medical
Hamilton T1/C1/MR1 Alarm management (September 2018) YouTube Hamilton medical
Hamilton T1 device overview (Sept 2018) YouTube Hamilton medical
Hamilton c1/t1 ventilator reference sheet (January 2021) PDF NHS
Hamilton T1 Quick guide (2017) PDF Hamilton medical
Hamilton T1 Quick guide reference card (2017) PDF Hamilton medical
SOP coaxial circuit T1 PDF Hamilton medical
SOP - Neonatal circuit T1 PDF Hamilton medical
Safe use of Hamilton Medical ventilators for patients with
highly infectious diseases (2020
PDF Hamilton medical
Calculating oxygen consumption for Hamilton Ventilators (2020) PDF Hamilton medical
HAMILTON T1 for ventilator assisted preoxygenation (2018) PDF Hamilton medical
How to set ASV® correctly for a (COVID-19) ARDS Patients (2020) PDF Hamilton medical
Ventilation mode translation Chatburn classification PDF Hamilton medical
PV Tool user guide PDF Hamilton medical
Calculating Pplateau with HAMILTON C1/T1/MR1 ventilators PDF Hamilton medical
Hamilton online education resource External link Hamilton medical

Zoll X-series monitor

Document Type Source
Zoll X-series handbook (January 2020) PDF Zoll
Zoll X-series communication and data (January 2016) YouTube Zoll