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COVID-19 care bundles and guidance

Document Type Source
COVID Patient Admission Bundle (12 March 2020) PDF OUH
COVID Patient Daily Review (12 March 2020) PDF OUH
Emergency tracheostomy flowchart (January 2021) PDF OUH
Surviving Sepsis Guidelines 4 Page Summary (2016) DOCX OUH


Document Type Source

OUH COVID-19 Tracheal Intubation Procedure - video v4 (checklist v1.9)

Theatres may benefit from this video although please be aware of differences, here.

YouTube OUH
OUH ICU Intubation Checklist v2.3 (January 2021) PDF OUH
COVID Intubation Trolley Layout (31 March 2020) PDF OUH
COVID Intubation Trolley Checklist (7 April 2020) PDF OUH
COVID Airway Trolley Checklist (7 April 2020) PDF OUH


Document Type Source
Extubation Guidelines v1.5 PDF OUH
Extubation Demonstration (31 March 2020)                                                 YouTube OUH


Document Type Source
OUH AICU HCID Proning Procedure - video v4 (checklist v1.3) YouTube OUH
AICU HCID Proning Checklist v1.7 (January 2021) PDF OUH


Guidance for CPR in patient with possible/confirmed COVID-19

Document Type Source
Resuscitation council - Adult ALS Flowchart (25 March 2020) PDF OUH
Resuscitation council - Adult Resus Infographic v1 PDF OUH
OUH Adult and Paediatric Resus flowchart (19 March 2020) PDF OUH
Adult COVID-19 Resuscitation procedures (March 2020) PDF OUH
Paediatric COVID-19 Resuscitation procedures (March 2020) PDF OUH
Manual Chest compressions (16 April 2020) YouTube OUH
Chest compressions using LUCAS device (16 April 2020) YouTube OUH 


Guidance for CPR in mechanically ventilated patient with possible/confirmed COVID-19

Document Type Source
Resuscitation guidance - ventilated (7 April 2020) PDF OUH


Recommendations for resuscitation of ventilated patient in PRONE position

Document Type Source
Resuscitation guidelines Prone (7 April 2020) PDF OUH
Simulation of Prone Cardiac Arrest for COVID-19 (8 April 2020) YouTube OUH

Practical procedures

Document Type Source

nBAL quick reference guidelines (7 April 2020)